Synthetic seminal plasma. It revitalize semen during insemination.

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SKU: CVIG-020-001.

Product Description

vigorsperm Vigorsperm® ACTION 

The synthetic seminal plasma Vigorsperm®, manufactured by KUBUS, was developed to increase the volume of the seminal dose, with revitalizing and energizing substances for the sperm cell, promoting sperm motility and endometrial peristalsis.



  • Adds revitalizing substances to the seminal dose to maximizing the progressive sperm motility. 
  • Increases sperm volume dose. The volume should be similar to natural mating to stimulate vaginal contractions. 
  • Promotes the seminal dose to advance through the insemination catheter. The introduction of air into the vagina is not recommended because it boots the production of oxidizing substances that are harmful to the sperm.


  • Temper Vigorsperm® to 25ºC before mixing with the seminal dose. The temperature difference between semen and Vigorsperm® can not exceed + – 1 ° C.


  • If the goal is to improve semen quality and / or supporting the shift of the dose through the catheter, based on the volume of the seminal dose, you can add Vigorsperm® from half the volume to the same volume of the dose. Eg: If you have a weekly dose of 8 ml add from 4 ml to 8 ml of Vigorsperm® .
  • In the moment of the insemination, add Vigorsperm® to the seminal dose to achieve a similar natural mating ejaculate volume.  The ejaculate volume in the natural service depends on the weight of the animal. Thus, according to the weights, of the natural volumes are:
    • < 10 kg       – 5 ml
    • 10 – 20 kg  - 10 ml
    • > 20 kg       – Hasta 20 ml
  • Eg: Bitch of 16 kg. We receive a seminal dose of 6 ml. As it is in the group of 10 – 20 Kg, we can introduce upto 10 ml of Vigorsperm®. So, after insemination (introducing the seminal dose) we can introduce 4 ml of Vigorsperm®.
  • Inseminate using the insemination catheter with rounded tip. 
  • Once it is inserted via vagina the entire seminal dose, then add Vigorsperm without moving the catheter.
  • Vigorsperm® is not to preserve semen. Once it gets in touch with sperm it must be inseminated straight away.