MRA-Canespermatozoides MRA CanMRA-CanEspermatozoides diluidos en MRA Can

MRA Can®


Semen extender for canine semen preservation. The semen can be stored upto 4-5 days.

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SKU: CMRA-020-001.

Product Description

Semen extender for 5 days preservation.

20 mL

Semen Preservation:


 The sperm must be stored in the fridge at 5ºC.
 Avoid direct contact of light and variations of temperature.

Instruction for use:
 Warm MRA® Can extender at 25ºC before semen collection.
 No addition of other component is required.
 Fractional semen collection is imperative.  You can use Kubus’ collection kit.

 For best results you should aim to collect only the sperm rich fraction of the stud dog’s ejaculate without any contaminant. It is the second spermatic phase with white colour.
 Evaluate sperm quality: volume, colour, odor, concentration, morphoabnormalities and motility.
 Dilute ejaculate immediately, no more than 5 minutes post-collection. Ratio semen: extender should be 3 parts of MRA® Can extender and 1 part of spermatic fraction.

Ex: For 1mL of spermatic phase, 3 mL of MRA® Can have to be added.